This blog aims to show how the past has shaped politics in the present day. The main focus is on what academics call modern history from the seventeenth century onwards.  It will occasionally stray outside this time-frame because some of today’s troublesome issues have their roots earlier in history, particularly for example, in the Middle East.  As well as this more general approach to history the blog will pay particular attention to the issue of genocide and its denial and also to the struggle for rights at work undertaken by trade unions around the world.  These issues are of special interest to myself, Dr Michael Herron.  Indeed, I was awarded a PhD from Kingston University in London for a thesis about denial of the Armenian genocide entitled Denial of the Armenian Genocide in American and French Politics, having taught a class on the Holocaust at the university.  I have also taught History and Government in high school in California.  As well as my academic experience I have a background working in progressive politics, having been a Congressional aide to New York Democrat Congressman Gary Ackerman and an intern in California Democrat Congressman Norman Mineta’s office in Washington DC.  While in Washington I also worked for the Democrat campaign consultancy, Campaign Design Group, planning Democrat campaigns in New York and Florida.  In the UK I worked as a press officer in the Labour Party press office in London during the local elections in 1991.  In addition to the PhD, I have an MA in Imperial and Commonwealth History from King’s College London and a BA in History from the University of California Santa Cruz

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